The Restoration Department

The Collection

Art of Western Europe

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The Restoration Department plays an important role in preserving the collestioti Qualified specialist ‘ restorers trained in Russia are rightly considered masters of their craft. They are constantly engaged in preventive examination of museum exhibits or and conservation and restoration of works. These duties are reflected in the Restoration Passports, and monitored by the Museum Restoration Union. Employees:

  1. Aykina Aygul Kairbekovna – Chief Custodian
  2. Shkolnaya Irina Arievna – Curator of accounting Department

Group of Funds (Collection):

1, Murzabekova Meruert Kurmanbekovna – Chief of group of funds, custodian of painting

2. Mankey Bakhytzhamal Aytkaliyevna – Custodian of leather and jewelry fund and of the Orient fund

  1. Musagaliyeva

Aliya Amirzhanovna – Custodian of weaving and contemporary decorative and applied arts

  1. Omirbek Ayman Akatay-Kyzy – Custodian of felt and sculpture
  2. Krikbayeva Zhanna Nurakhmetovna – Custodian of graphics6. Abiroba Beybitgul Abenovna – Custodian of paintings of Kazakhstan

Centre of Restoration:

  1. Kaldybayeva Gulzhan Abdiyevna – Head of Centre
  2. Smagulova Kulyatay Kalimovna – Restorer of paintings
  3. Sultanbay Daken Kalimovna – Restorer of paintings
  1. Stepenko Anna Vladimirovna – Restore of paintings
  2. Kalimova Lisa lbattulayevna – Restore of weaving
  3. Doskhodzhayeva Sara Tleukulovna – Restorer of graphics
  4. Kozhmzharova Gulshat Sovetzhanovna – Restorer of graphics
  5. Karatayev Underbay Abiltevich – Restore of jewelry and metals
  6. Kochetkov Igor Borisovich – Photographer