Green Bazaar

Address: Zenkov St, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Telephone: +7 778 587 8112

The Green Bazaar, or Zelionyj Bazar, is a place you really should visit when visiting Almaty or Alma-Ata.  This market is central to the every day life of the local people and it is so called the ‘Green Bazar, or market, bcause in the past it was the traditional place to buy and sell local produce like vegetables.   It is by no means the only market in Almaty, but it is the most well known, and probably, sells the widest range of goods.   This is a great place to feel the real atmosphere of central Asia and to get involved with a bit of ‘haggling’ and sampling of local produce.

green-bazar-1 Green Bazaar Green Bazaar

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